• I’ve just had a baby where should I start?
    We would always say follow the advice of your medical professional, once they’ve given you the okay you still need to be cautious. A great place to start for you might be to continue with the 3rd trimester workouts initially, these will work your muscles and get you moving but without taxing you too much. Just make sure that you are pain free with no heavy bleeding, if you experience either of these things stop and see your doctor. When you start to feel fitter you can maybe try the Level 1, 5 minute workouts.
  • I’m pregnant but want to exercise what would you recommend?
    The best bit of advice is usually to start training before your pregnancy, as you’ll find it easier to continue with that as you move into your pregnancy. However if you haven’t trained before your pregnancy you need to be even more cautious. As always, check with your medical professional first, and if you get the okay to train, follow the workouts that are suitable for your stage of pregnancy; first, second or third trimester. They are very gentle and focus on controlled movements to improve posture and strength in a safe and controlled manner.
  • I’m really fit and active but I’ve just found out I’m pregnant can I still train?
    Everyone copes with pregnancy differently and it’s up to you and your medical professional to decide what you are capable of. Some of you might find that in the early stages of your pregnancy you can continue to train as normal, just with more caution. As your pregnancy progresses we would advise you select a trimester appropriate workout just to be safe.
  • I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy and I’ve read that training can help with the delivery and getting back into shape after, can I do any of the workouts?
    You’re absolutely right that exercising during pregnancy can help with both those things, however it’s usually advisable to start exercising before your pregnancy not during, especially not at this stage. To be safe I would hold off for now, perhaps just stick to gentle cardio like walking and swimming, then look to get started after you’ve had your baby.
  • Can I follow the meal plan if I'm breastfeeding?
    Yep you can continue to follow the recipes, they all include a balance of required nutrients, so will be perfectly safe for breastfeeding and are inkeeping with the guidelines given by the NHS. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/Pages/breastfeeding-diet.aspx The only change I would make is to not be too concerned with sticking to just the meals and snacks, if you feel you need more then have more. You can either increase portion sizes or add more snacks, just go on how hungry you feel. If you are feeling hungry and/or lethargic you need to eat more.
  • Can I follow the meal plan if I'm pregnant?

    As you are probably aware there are certain foods that you need to avoid or take care with whilst pregnant as they may harm your baby. The recipes in the Lean Mums Meal Plan include a balance of essential nutrients and the ingredients used should all be fine but it's important that you are aware of which foods can be harmful so you can avoid them in your other meals.

    Below is a list of the foods to avoid or be cautious with but if you want more information visit


    So the foods to be cautious with or avoid are:

    Eggs- make sure they are cooked until the whites and yolks are solid

    Cheese- avoid soft cheeses with white rinds like brie, camembert and some goats cheeses

    avoid soft blue cheeses like danish blue and gorgonzola

    (all hard cheeses are fine as are cottage cheese, mozzarella, feta, cream cheese and halloumi)

    Pate- avoid all pate

    Liver and Game- both should be avoided

    Fish- avoid shark, swordfish and marin and limit tuna to 2 steaks per week or 4 tins

    (most other fish is fine but only eat shellfish if cooked)

    Milk- stick to pasteurised or UHT milk

    (all yoghurt is fine)

    Fruit and veg- should be fine but just be careful to wash off all soil

    Caffeine and teas- limit caffeine to no more than 200mg per day and drink herbal teas in moderation

    Vitamins and fish oil supplements- avoid high dose multi vitamins, fish liver oil supplements and supplements containing Vitamin A

    Also make sure you are eating enough. Don't feel you need to just stick to the plan, add in more snacks or increase portion sizes to ensure you are getting sufficient calories for you and your baby. If you are feeling hungry and/or lethargic you need to eat more.