Creating a little life is an exciting time, filled with moments of indescribable happiness and totally normal worries. You’re probably bursting with the joy of knowing you have a gorgeous baby on the way. And, if you’re anything like the mums we worked with, you likely have a few worries about how your body may change, the right foods to eat and dealing with the unique challenges of motherhood.

That’s where Lean Mums comes in. An online world designed to guide you through this incredible time. Our home workouts have been carefully designed for each phase of your journey - prenatal, postnatal and beyond. The workouts range between 5 and 30 minutes in length and are suitable to fit into any naptime.

Lean Mums is filled with nutritious, family friendly recipes which are quick and easy to follow (we measure in spoonfuls because life too short for scales!). Our range of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and pudding recipes are all around 400 calories or under. You’ll find a selection of snacks for those inevitable moments when you feel peckish.

Our incredible online community will celebrate and support you on every step of your fitness journey. You can find us on the Lean Mums website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we share refreshingly honest stories about motherhood, fitness, self care and much much more.

Meet the team...


Lean Mums was founded by Celebrity Personal Trainer & Lifestyle coach Robbie Thompson. Robbie has been a Personal Trainer since 2008 and has worked with hundreds of mums.

He famously trained Vicky Pattison for her 7 day slim DVD, helping her with her highly publicized weight loss. Robbie continues to work with Vicky, and has recently contributed to her new book ‘The Real Me’.

Robbie recognised that making time for fitness can be a juggling act with a new family. When one of his Mummy client’s was unable to make her personal training sessions, Robbie created workout plans which she could put into action at home and that is how Lean Mums was born. After a successful first year, Robbie decided to expand the team and now Lean Mums has two new members; Family Blogger, Donna Jackson and Nikkita Hope-Brown, a Personal Trainer and lifestyle coach who specialises in working with women.


Donna, mummy to Finley & Olivia, is also known as Family Blogger The Curious Mummy.
Donna first found Lean Mums after the birth of her daughter Olivia. Finding time to attend workout classes or the gym was impossible, especially with two babies in tow and no childcare. Plus the sleepless nights and crazy new baby routines didn’t help with getting out of the house.

The ease of Lean Mums gave Donna the freedom to work-out when it suited her and provided a range of family friendly recipes that made meal times a fun affair. After a few months, together with Lean Mums and the support of her pre-postnatal personal trainer Nikkita who Donna worked with after the birth of her son Finley, Donna was able to tighten her tum, shed her baby weight, and gain the stamina needed to look after her babies. Donna has made health and fitness apart of her busy life style and her on-going use of Lean Mums, has helped her to achieve this.

Donna is passionate about food and has contributed to some of Leans Mums recipes before joining the team. Donna is keen to share nutritious home cooked meals that the whole family can enjoy, So she has worked with Robbie to create hundreds of easy to follow recipes that are deliciously healthy and totally family friendly.


Nikkita, personal trainer, counselling student and founder of Free, Hot and Happy, has specialised in working with women since the beginning of her Personal Training career back in 2008. After working with hundreds of women, from stay-at-home mums to globe trotting executives (and being a woman herself), she realised there’s so much more to weight loss than losing weight, especially after having a baby.

There’s trying to balance having a life with your new responsibilities. Struggling to eat healthily and fit exercise into your baby enhanced lifestyle. And the very real emotional and mental challenges that creating a baby can bring.

It is for this reason Nikkita jumped at the chance to join the Lean Mums team. Lean Mums is designed to make motherhood easier by providing easily accessible workouts to strengthen your body and recipes that will keep you and your family happy. But what Nikkita loves most about Lean Mums is the nurturing support you’ll get from a community of mums who’ve been there before, as well as the honest advice from professionals who understand what your mind and body need during this special (and crazy) journey.