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5 Tips For A Healthy Happy You


Hands up if you started the year with a detox? Maybe you ditched the booze? Had Veganuary intentions? Maybe a diet?

We all start the year with the best intentions but those intentions are not always sustainable. Come on, we all are human after all.

I have news for you, February is the new January, just without the pressure. Creating a healthy happy balance is easier than you think. So if you’re ready for a fresh start, keep on reading because this is for you.

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  1. Kick start your day with a yummy breakfast. Starting your day with a decent breakfast will keep your blood sugar levels up and will stop you from snacking on naughty treats throughout the day.
  2. Plan your meals for the week. Meal Planning will keep you on the straight and narrow. We have a great selection of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks on Lean Mums if you need some inspiration.
  3. Get Moving. Plan your exercise goals for the week. Be realistic. If you know exercising after the kids have gone to bed is unlikely, look at the times when you can commit to it. Consider squeezing in a 5 minute Workout before you get in the shower or a 15 minute HITT workout during lunchtime. Outside of exercise, can you find other ways to get moving? Maybe walk the school run instead of getting into the car? Plan your exercise goals & stick to it. I promise you, you will feel amazing for achieving it.
  4. Stay hydrated. It’s an easy win but one which is so easily Staying hydrated can ensure your brain doesn’t mistake thirst for hunger, plus it will help with alertness especially if you had a terrible night’s sleep.
  5. Sleep. Getting a decent night’s sleep is so important but we all know it is easier said than done especially if you have a teething baby. Too little sleep can leave you wanting to skip exercise, craving high carb foods and sugary snacks. If you are struggling to get a decent nights sleep try going to bed half an hour earlier, switch off all devices and enjoy the peace.


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