Christmas is finally here!


Everything in moderation is replaced with an indulgent overload of naughtiness. So how do we enjoy the festive period and stay guilt free?


We have put together our top tips to enjoying Christmas the Lean Mums way.



Balance out those indulgent moments

Not every meal or snack needs to be indulgent (except on Christmas Day, of course) .

Decide when you are likely to over indulgent and try to keep your other meal times as normal as possible. The key is balance. If you enjoy a big lunch, then have a smaller breakfast and dinner.

Alcohol contains tons of calories and if you combine it with a big meal, you are consuming a lot of additional calories. A simple way to avoid this is to choose a low fat or low carb food option. (Although carbs can be helpful in absorption of alcohol) . An example of this could be grilled chicken breast rather than having steak or white fish over salmon or mackerel.



Say no to second helpings

I’m not saying you should deny yourself anything but why not have an extra portion of veg or more lean meat with your main meal? You’ll feel fuller and it will make it easier to resist that second portion of pudding.


Cutting a vegetables for a salad with an olive oil


Keep moving

It might be Christmas but that doesn’t mean we have to stop moving. Heading out for a walk will make a huge difference. Not only is it a bit of time away from the sofa but the fresh air and exercise will do you the world of good. Or if getting out of the house is impossible and lets face it, we are Mums after all, why not do a 5 minute Lean Mum workout. You can always do a few squats whilst you enjoy the Queens Speech. Make it fun and get your other half to join in. Or why not set yourself a challenge which the whole family can take part in.


mum performing yoga pose on a mat in a studio with baby lying with her


Fibre is your friend

The reason we all feel bloated after the holidays is because we consume an excess of meat, carbs and fatty foods.

Try to include veg with your meals. Or if you’re struggling try a smoothie (whizz up some green veg and a generous handful of blueberries in a blender – it taste great and can be made in minutes.) As well as keeping the fibre and goodness in your diet it can help you feel fuller for longer.


Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will prevent you from snacking in between meals. Quite often, being hungry can be mistaken for thirst. Try to have a few glasses when you are on a night out. You will feel better for it in the morning.


These tips are intended to help you enjoy the festive period; life is for living after all. But there’s no need to feel like rubbish come the end of it. Getting back into your gym pants will be a doddle come January, providing if you follow these tips.

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