Two smiling young female friends in sportswear high fiving each other while doing pushups together on the floor of a gym
If you’ve managed to summon the motivation to get started with eating better and exercising, it can be just as difficult to keep it going.

The missing link in this could be… ACCOUNTABILITY!

I deliberately didn’t put the word ACCOUNTABILITY in the title because it sounds really boring but bare with me!

Whenever we start training the results never come as quickly as we’d like and we’re all guilty of getting frustrated when it doesn’t happen overnight. When you combine this with busy lives and things getting in the way it can be really easy to just give up.

However, this is where ACCOUNTABILITY can really help.

Now imagine if you’ve agreed with a friend or even a few friends that you’ll all work on this together by meeting at the gym or going for jogs together. I guarantee you’ll stick it out longer!

Part of it is wanting to save face and not wanting to be the first one to drop out. The other thing is you’ll maybe feel like you’re letting your friend down if you don’t continue.

Either way the benefit is that you keep going!

Having that accountability to each other is so useful. On the days where you want to quit they’ll keep you going, and vice versa!

You don’t have to be training together to hold each other accountable, there’s loads of different ways of doing it.

You could agree to send each other a sweaty picture everyday when you’ve done your workout, or that you’ll send each other a picture of your healthy meals.

This works so well because if you get that picture through and you haven’t done your workout it’s going to make you get up and get it done!

Another really powerful way of holding yourself accountable is to tell people that you are going to do something. It’s a bit like writing your goals down, by saying something out loud you are making it more real and now there’s an expectation that you need to do it.

You can do this by telling your partner or friend what you are going to do, you could post it on social media, or use something like the Chat area of the Lean Mums website. You can tell the other members and use myself and the supportive community to encourage you.

Start this right away, message a friend and get them involved or post in the Chat area of the website and use ACCOUNTABILITY to help you look and feel how you want to!>

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