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I’ve had lots of you saying how difficult you’ve found it to eat well and exercise during the school holidays.

Well the wait is almost over! The schools go back this week and I thought it would be helpful to give you some pointers on how to get back into the swing of things!

Having been unable to do as much as you’d have liked for the last 6 weeks it’s very tempting to just throw yourself back into it full blast. The only thing with this is that whilst the children might be back at school you still have lots of other things to do. If you go all out on your exercise and super strict on your diet you’ll run out of energy pretty quick.

Instead follow these pointers and you can enjoy getting back into it all without burning yourself out:

Routine is king

As well as having your children 24/7 another reason you’ve struggled during the holidays is because you’ve been out of routine. You miss your normal meal times, you can’t do the shopping at the normal time, and it throws everything else off.

Routine, boring as it sounds is one of the most important factors in trying to get in shape. So the first step should be trying to either get back into your normal routine or if you struggle with this, try to build one.

This can apply to your workouts and when you do what, but it can also be really important with your diet too.

I always say don’t be afraid to be boring with certain meals. If you don’t mind having the same breakfast and lunches most days then do that and then vary your evening meals. Having that routine with those meals means you can make them on autopilot and think about other things.

A little planning goes a long way

Eating well and fitting in exercise isn’t easy but it’s even harder without a plan. If you try to do it off the cuff it just won’t happen.

Take 5 minutes every week to plan when you’ll train and what you intend to eat.

So firstly your workouts; plan these and mark them in your diary or on your calendar and they’ll be far more likely to happen. Of course life doesn’t always go to plan and you might have to rearrange one or two but atleast the intent is there. By planning your workouts first you can arrange other things around them. If you do it the other way round and try to fit your workouts into an already busy schedule they just won’t happen.

And of course you also have the option of the Lean Mums 5 minute workouts for the days where you are really busy but still want to do something. I know a lot of our Lean Mums members find the 5 minute workouts a godsend when things get really busy.

Next up, planning your meals; again taking 5 minutes once a week to plan your meals can make the world of difference. If you eat generally the same breakfasts and lunches you can just pop the ingredients for those straight on your shopping list. Then you’ve just got to pick your evening meals for the following week.

One way of making this much easier that lots of our Lean Mums members find helpful is to make recipe cards for your evening meals. Make a card for every different evening meal you eat and then once you’ve got your selection you just pick a new bunch every week.

Having these meals planned means you can get all of your food shopping done in one big shop. Not only does this save you time but the less time spent in the supermarket, the less chance of you picking up the sweet stuff from the end of the aisles!

Have a little patience (as Take That would say!)

Who’d have thought that getting in shape would be about routine, planning and patience! But honestly these 3 boring words are so important!

Whenever we are trying to get in shape we want results immediately. But it’s worth remembering that we didn’t fall out of shape overnight so it’s unrealistic to expect to get back in shape so quickly.

As I’ve said you have a lot of drains on your energy just from being a mum so it’s important that you don’t push for too much too soon. Following a training and diet plan that’s sensible and sustainable is absolutely essential.

Unfortunately it does take time but one way of making the time go quicker is to try to enjoy it.

Get your routines and plans in place, structure things to fit your lifestyle and then enjoy feeling healthier and fitter. Before you know it you’ll have made massive progress! (Probably just in time for the next set of school holidays!)

And I know you’re probably wanting more specific pointers so here are a few that will make a huge difference:
  1. Eat 3 balanced meals daily of around 400 calories (the Lean Mums recipes are perfect for this) then use snacks as needed.
  2. Include protein in every meal, e.g. meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt (again the Lean Mums meals do this for you).
  3. Try to get your 10,000 steps in every day.
  4. Aim to do 3-4 workouts per week of around 40 minutes, something that increases your heart rate. This can be a gym workout, a class, or a series of Lean Mums workouts across the day if you struggle do get 40 minutes at once.
  5. Weekends count too so try to keep this structure and routine throughout the weekends and you’ll really notice the changes.

Combine routine, planning and patience with these 5 pointers and you can’t fail!

Good luck!

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