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There’s two reasons most diets fail; hunger or boredom!

People either diet so extremely that they give up on their diet because they are just too hungry or they get sick of eating the same food all the time.

As you know I’m all about dieting sensibly and sustainably and coming up with a plan that works in both the short and long-term. That means controlling what you eat but not drastically under eating, and it also means enjoying the foods you like in moderation.

The tips or diet hacks I’m going to give you here are great little strategies you can use to help keep you feeling full and keep your diet interesting.

1.Low calorie treats!

There’s a certain time in every day where you just crave a little treat! For some people it’s on the sofa once the kids are in bed, or for other people it’s mid morning with a cuppa. Whenever it is, this can be really tough when you’re on a diet. All you can think about is craving that little bit of sweetness. You might hold out initially but often your will power gives in and you raid the cookie jar or find that bar of chocolate at the back of the cupboard.

Well I’ve got a few alternatives here that you can enjoy without the guilt and without ruining your diet.

The first is low calorie jelly. A little tub of jelly is just 10 calories! Perfect to satisfy your sweet craving but yet only 10 calories, go on have 2!

Another is Options Instant Belgian Drinking Chocolate. A serving of this is just 40 calories so you can enjoy a mug of this just like this or you can get creative! Whisk an egg in a mug and add a sachet of Options Belgian Chocolate then microwave for about 45-60 secs until it rises up to make a little chocolate cake in a mug!

Or stir a sachet through some greek yoghurt for a lovely chocolatey snack!

Admittedly none of these are quite the same as a bar of chocolate but they are definitely better than nothing and might be just what you need to stay on track.

I’ve mentioned this one in a previous blog but Oppo do an ice cream thats just 38 calories per scoop and it tastes pretty good too!

2.Get busy with the fizzy

Often when we crave a sweet snack it’s because in fact we are dehydrated rather than being hungry. So making sure you are drinking plenty is a great way of helping you stay on track with your diet.

If you want to take this a step further you can try sparkling water and fizzy diet drinks to help alleviate hunger between meals but without consuming any calories.

There’s been a lot of claims linking the consumption of diet drinks with numerous diseases and many have been led to believe that the aspartame in diet drinks is extremely harmful. Aspartame is harmful in large doses, as are many things. But in actual fact the doses required to make diet drinks harmful are absolutely enormous. An 80kg adult would need to drink over 2000 cans of diet coke a day. The FDA (Food and Drug Association) has set the acceptable daily intake of aspartame at 50mg/kg of bodyweight, for an 80kg adult that 21 cans of diet coke. I very much doubt any of you are going to get close to that.

I’m not advising you drink mountains of diet drinks, far from it. All I’m saying is that the occasional one will cause you no harm and can be a really useful way of curbing hunger between meals. We know for certain the risks associated with being over weight so if in doing this you reduce your body weight then surely that’s beneficial.

But if you still aren’t convinced by all means just stick with the sparkling water.

3.Spiralise it up!

I’m always banging on about eating more veg and filling your plate to help keep you full, but the reason I say it so much is because it works!

When people think of dieting they think of a bit of chicken and a few florets of broccoli on their plate, I’ve been guilty of this in the past! It takes 2 seconds to eat and feels like you are living on fresh air.

A far better alternative is to fill your plate with veg. It’s low calorie but fills you up. And by filling your plate you feel like you are eating a normal meal.

Spiralisers are perfect for this. Let’s say you are having spaghetti bolognese; you can half the quantity of spaghetti that you use and replace it with spiralised courgette for example. Your plate still looks full but you’ve just removed a load of calories.

You can spiralise other things too; butternut squash, sweet potato and turnip are just a few you can try.

Give these 3 diet hacks a try to elleviate boredom, keep you feeling full but most importantly to stop you feeling like you are even on a diet!

Remember, there’s no point in starting a diet that you can’t see yourself finishing. Add in little tweaks like this and it will start to feel more like a lifestyle and less like a life sentence!


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