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We all know how much better we look and feel when we eat more healthily, it’s just that when life gets hectic it can become more and more difficult.


Here are a few tips to make healthy eating easier, no matter how busy you get:




Don’t be afraid of having the same breakfasts and lunches if its makes life easier, then you can mix it up and vary your evening meals.


We are often led to believe you need to constantly be mixing up your food sources. There is some truth in this, if you just eat chips and turkey dippers every meal of everyday you wont get the nutrients you body needs. However the idea that every single meal needs to be different everyday isn’t the case.


I find that by mixing up the foods you eat for your evening meal you can get away with having more boring breakfasts and lunches.


The beauty of this is that you can just make them on autopilot. Whilst rushing around making your kid’s breakfasts you can quickly make what you always have. Now worrying about what to have and whether you have the right ingredients.

The same goes for lunch, find a routine that works and stick with it.



Take 5 minutes every week to plan your evening meals for the following week. Come up with 7 meals and list the ingredients you’ll need.


As just mentioned if you get in the habit of maybe one or two different breakfast or lunch options you can automatically put those things on your shopping list every week.

Then for your evening meals just come up with 6-7 different ideas every week (giving you scope for a meal out or take away) then add the ingredients for those meals to your shopping list.

My wife and I have a list of maybe 20 different evening meals we have and then each week we just pick what we’ll have the following week. I hated it at first, I couldn’t be bothered thinking about what I wanted to have for tea in a week’s time but it really does help. It also means you don’t waste food because you only buy the ingredients you need.


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Instead of calling in at the shops everyday for bits and pieces for lunch, or dinner you can simply take you list that has all your breakfasts, lunches, and now evening meals and buy it all in one big shop.

You are busy enough without having to go to the shops more than once a week.



Not only will this stop you wasting money on food that ends up needing to be thrown out but also means you’ll stay way from the high calorie treats we often by on impulse.


I’ve already mentioned how this is a great way of stopping food being wasted but by sticking to the list and only going to the supermarket once a week you are taking away the temptation to buy the more high calorie items. And if you don’t buy it you can’t eat it!


Trays with raw vegetables for freezing. Stocking up for winter storage in plastic containers

Try to plan certain points in the week where you can cook a load of stuff in bulk. For example roast a load of vegetables and cook chicken breasts in bulk for lunches.

Having foods already cooked in containers in the fridge means you can just grab them and heat up your lunch.


stir fry dinner meal or leftovers stored in glass containers

When you do cook, cook an extra portion or two and these can do for your lunches in the next few days.

Again you can just pop these in containers in the fridge and you just need to chuck them in the microwave and your lunch is done.


 closeup to group of mixed frozen vegetables

Whether it’s to store meals you’ve pre-prepared or frozen vegetables, the freezer is a god send.

I’ve found we waste far less vegetables since I’ve started buying more frozen veg and it’s just easier sometimes. We still use fresh vegetables for dinner but if I’m just quickly making my lunch I’ll just defrost some frozen veg, its much quicker.

Give these tips a try and just make life easy for yourself. Not only will your life be easier but you’ll be eating better and feeling healthier too! Win Win!!

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