The school holidays can mean that you mums have even less time to train and eat well than usual! I’ve put together my top tips on how to stay lean, fit and active this summer
Tip 1: Get active and involve your kids

Don’t just presume that because you can’t attend your normal gym workouts that you are going to pile on the pounds. Challenge yourself to stay active!

Exercising doesn’t have to just be going to the gym. Get out for walks, bike rides, swimming whatever you can think of that will combine keeping the kids happy with being active too.


The summer holidays are a great time to do this when the weather is a bit better (well not always but you know what I mean).

If you need to go the shops walk instead of driving, these small increases in activity can make a big difference.

I’m a big fan of Fitbits for this because they track your steps. Your phone tracks your steps too if you keep it with you. Don’t allow yourself to become chained to your home, get out and get moving!

Tip 2: Try to keep your meals structured

During normal weeks you probably have a structured way of eating which can easily go out of the window during the holidays.

Do your best to keep some of that structure in place. Set times where you’ll eat breakfasts and lunches (these are usually the ones that get missed when you’re busy).

Keeping that routine and structure to your eating will help avoid over-snacking on the wrong stuff and keep you on track.


Tip 3: Drink water!

This is such a basic one and I know it’s very obvious advise but its another thing that we forget about when we are out of routine.

It’s even more important to keep drinking water during the summer holidays when the weather is warmer and it’s easier to become dehydrated.

Again staying hydrated will stop you over eating. Often we think we’re hungry and reach for the snacks when in fact we’re just thirsty.</p>

Keep a bottle with you and keep on top of that hydration!

Tip 4: Try home workouts

You’d be amazed at how well you can train in your home with nothing but your bodyweight and a chair or sofa.


If you’re housebound and unable to make it to the gym then give some home workouts a try.

Check out the Lean Mums expert guide to home workouts for mums. Or why not sign up to Lean Mums and select the workouts that suit your fitness levels and how long you have to train and I’ll take you through the entire workout!

Tip 5: Experiment with meals and get the kids involved

The school holidays can be a great time to try out some new meals. Without rushing off to do the school run you’ll have a little more time in the evening and if you’re with the kids you may as well get them involved in meal prep too!

There’s some really fun recipes you can try that the kids will enjoy too, things like healthy pizzas are ideal, let them choose their toppings and arrange them how they like.

This is a great way to teach your kids about cooking and healthy eating but you might also discover recipes that you can make regular additions during terms time.

So there you go, 5 tips to help keep you active, eating well and lean during the summer holidays.

Good luck!

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