So often I see mums trying really hard to lose weight but by making these diet mistakes they sabotage their progress.

Check them out to make sure you don’t make them too and get the results you deserve!

1.Too many snacks

I’ve got a bit of a love/hate relationship with snacks. They can be a great way of keeping your energy up when you are really busy. But for a lot of people it means they are eating calories they could really do without.

First up you don’t have to snack. If you can get by eating 3 healthy sized meals per day then you might not need to snack at all. The thing is when you snack you never feel completely full, which can then just lead to more snacking and more snacking.

However if you live a really hectic life and go for long periods of time where you cant eat a proper meal then snacking can be your only option.

If that’s the case then it’s important that you snack on foods that are satisfying and will keep you feeling full. Foods like celery or carrot sticks are ideal for this because they contain so few calories. You can eat more of them without eating excess calories. Try pairing them up with low fat cottage cheese for a high protein snack that will keep you nice and full.

If excessive snacking is your downfall then you might also want to check out 3 tips for mums to stop snacking getting out of hand.

2.Forgetful eating

I often speak to mums who are struggling to lose weight who tell me that they don’t eat anything. They can’t work it out. The truth is usually that they don’t eat many meals but that they still manage to sneak the calories in.

Unfortunately forgetful eating is to blame, the bits and pieces they eat without realising it. Finishing a couple of chips on your child’s plate, or having that last mouthful of bread. It all adds up. It might not seem like you are eating much at all but you’d be surprised.

There’s a couple of things you can do to address this. The first and most obvious is to just not do it, stay strong and resist the temptation to finish off the extras on your child’s plate.

Another option is to look at why you are picking, if it’s because you’re hungry then perhaps looking at grabbing something to eat at the same time as your children.

Lots of Lean Mums members have said they feed their children first then eat themselves later on. They find it really helpful to keep a snack to eat with their children just to tide them over.

3.Living on carbs

When we are busy and grab a quick meal it’s very easy for it to be pretty high in carbs; think a sandwich, a jacket potato or some pasta.

Carbs aren’t bad as such but one big problem with meals like this is that they aren’t as filling as when you eat more protein. Including something like a chicken breast in your meal will not only mean you eat less pasta for example, but will also keep you feeling more full for longer.

Another issue with eating a high carb meal is that you might well get an energy crash an hour or so afterwards. When this happens it’s easy to crave something sugary like chocolate or a biscuit and the cycle of energy spike and energy crash continues all day. Not only do you feel rubbish but you end up eating way more than you want to.

It’s easily fixed, just try to make your meals more balanced. As mentioned that means a protein source, some vegetables and a fat source like avocado or cheese. This will help keep your energy levels more consistent and stop you reaching for a high calorie energy boost!

So there you go, plenty of solutions to common diet mistakes made by mums. If you can put those into practice you’ll be far more likely to achieve your goals!

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