You’ve scoured the internet looking for the best workouts for mums to help you lose weight and now you’re more confused that when you started right?

Some say do more cardio,

Others say don’t do any cardio!

One person says do 100 crunches a day,

Someone else says don’t waste your time doing crunches!!!!

It’s a nightmare and I feel your pain but the good news is I’m here to tell you exactly what you need to do!

In simple terms if you are carrying more body fat that you would like you need to eat less and exercise more. Now this sounds easy enough but it’s important that you do both of these things properly.

Check out my blog 3 tips to help mums lose stubborn belly fat to find out more about the food side of things. But essentially it’s important that you find a way of eating for fat loss that is both sensible and sustainable.

In terms of the exercise it’s very much the same.

Providing you are safe to train and aren’t carrying any injuries, here are my 3 top tips:
Get Moving

The safest and most straightforward thing you can do is get more active.

Walk rather than driving when you can, take the stairs rather than the escalator, walk to the post box, meet your friend for a take away coffee and a walk rather than a coffee on the sofa.

Making changes like this in your everyday life will make an enormous difference to how many calories you burn in a day and week.

If you struggle with this get a fitbit and get your 10,000 steps in! They are a brilliant way of reminding yourself when you haven’t been active enough. If you haven’t done enough steps you can get out for a walk or a jog.

Being more active throughout the day and throughout the week will have a far greater impact on how many calories you burn than an individual workout.

Work your full body!

Doing full body workouts with exercises like squats, rows, lunges, press ups are brilliant at helping you to lose weight. Focus on these bigger movements rather than doing smaller movements that target say your arms or stomach.

This might seem strange but there’s a simple reason for it. If you are looking to lose body fat you want to do exercises that burn the most calories. Larger movements like squats burn far more calories than say a crunch, not only at the time but afterwards too.

Think of crunches and arm exercises as the cherry on the cake (sorry shouldn’t have mentioned cakes!) and movements like squats and rows as the cake itself. You can’t put a cherry on a cake if there’s no cake! Do your big movements first and then by all means tag the smaller ones on at the end.

As I’ve said in my blog 3 tips to help mums lose stubborn belly fat we can’t spot reduce body fat, doing crunches won’t make the fat disappear on our stomachs. All we can do is get our body’s working as hard as they can (doing larger full body exercises) and we will burn fat that way. Where our bodies decide to lose it first is very much an individual thing but it will eventually lose it from your stubborn areas, just be patient.

Make your training fun!

Finding a type of training that you enjoy is really important for the simple reason that you’ll be far more likely to do it!

Doing what is supposed to be ‘the best’ or ‘most effective’ training is pointless if you hate it and quit after a couple of sessions.

I’ve said that larger exercises are more effective than smaller exercises but again, if you hate squatting it’s not going to work for you long term.

The training that you’ll do the most regularly and give the most effort to is always going to be better than something that is more effective in theory but you just don’t do. And usually that’s the same thing that you enjoy most.

There’s endless different ways to train; cardio, HIIT workouts, resistance training, spinning classes, circuit classes, zumba, Lean Mums Workouts, jogging, the list goes on and on!

Find something you enjoy, or a combination of things that you enjoy and make them a part of your lifestyle. Try to get your friends involved so it can become a social thing too.

A few months down the line you’ll have been so busy enjoying your training that you’ll suddenly realise what amazing progress you’ve made with your fat loss!

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