The best foods for fat loss are the ones that will help keep you on track and that you enjoy!

That’s because the key to successful fat loss is building a diet that is sustainable and works for you.

You might have heard me say before that there’s no such thing as foods that will magically melt body fat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat foods that will help.

The key is to follow a diet that doesn’t feel like a diet, allows you to eat foods you enjoy but still keeps you on track.

The foods I’m going to give you here are just a few that my clients and Lean Mums members have used to build diets that helped them successfully lose fat and keep it off!
Low Calorie Snack Alternatives

As a busy mum when you finally get 5 minutes to enjoy a cuppa sometimes it needs to be accompanied by a sweet treat!

These two are big favourites amongst Lean Mums members; Snack a Jacks and Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes. Both are great lower calorie alternatives to biscuits. They are also bigger than most biscuits so you feel like you are eating more!

A chocolate digestive is around 86 calories whilst a chocolate chip Snack a Jack is 62 calories. No one ever has one biscuit so if you are going to have a couple of digestives that’s 172 calories. Where as two snack a jacks is 124 calories. A difference of 48 calories.

This might not seem a lot but these are the small changes that can add up to a big difference. If you are having a couple of biscuits a day then you’ll be cutting out a significant number of calories in a week just by this small change.

If you fancy baking some sweet treats yourself then these two are delicious and really easy to make. If you’re a Lean Mums member check out the Lean Mums Banana and oat bites with almonds and chop chunks and the Lean Mums chocolate brownie bites.

Too Good To Be True!

After a long old week when the weekend rolls around cravings are often at an all time high!

That’s where having a low calorie alternative to something like ice cream is perfect!

But can you eat ice cream and still get lean?

Believe it or not you can! The main issue isn’t the ice cream itself but how many calories it contains.

Which is why something like this Oppo Ice Cream is so good, you can enjoy a couple of scoops without sending your daily calories through the roof. Just to give you an idea, two scoops of Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra is 230 calories, where as two scoops os Oppo Salted caramel is just 75 calories, winner!!

That’s not to say other ice creams are bad or will make you fat but they usually contain a lot more calories. So the chances of that leading to you eating too many calories that day are higher.

Try something like this oppo ice cream or frozen yoghurt instead, it will satisfy your craving and still feel like a treat.

Protein Yoghurts for the win!

arla strawberry protein yoghurt on wooden table

People who aren’t eating as well as they should be usually aren’t eating enough protein. There are tonnes of reasons why eating more protein will help get you lean but the main one is that it helps keep you more full between meals.

For that reason I always advise that people should try to have protein with every meal. That’s easy with lunch and dinner where you can have meat or fish but people don’t usually fancy this for breakfast, which often just leaves eggs.

The protein yoghurts that are now available are the ideal alternative and they are also quick to eat with no cooking required!

If you struggle to eat enough protein try having one of these for breakfast instead of your usual toast or cereal, you could add some berries and seeds. You could also have one as a snack or a healthy supper.

Plate Fillers

One of the biggest reasons that people give up on diets is because they get too hungry and give in to cravings. People always drastically under eat when they diet which is not necessary. Aim to eat slightly less, don’t starve yourself! If you’ve been used to eating more then a bit of hunger is normal but there are some tricks you can do to help keep hunger under control.

The main one I always recommend is to fill your plate with foods that don’t contain many calories, i.e. vegetables! Now as busy mums you are often too busy to be preparing and steaming vegetables at every meal which is where frozen vegetables are ideal!

Grab them out of the freezer, throw them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and they are done! Chuck them on your plate with some meat or fish and you’ve got a simple meal that will keep you full but without all the calories of the foods that usually fill your plate. This works really well for lunches in particular I find, where you often just want something quick.

Another great plate filler is the spaghetti alternatives you can now buy. Most supermarkets now stock things like courgette spaghetti or butternut squash noodles. These are brilliant alternatives to normal spaghetti but a fraction of the calories.

And they fill your plate. Rather than just removing spaghetti and eating a pile of mince you can still have spaghetti bolognese for example by using one of these instead. Or you combine the two; have half as much spaghetti as normal and make up the portion size using courgette spaghetti!

Try swapping these foods into your diet and see how much better you do with your fat loss!

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