You might have seen that over the school holidays I posted 3 different home workouts for you to try.

These are ideal if you are looking to get fit, lose some weight and get stronger.

The school holidays can make it even more difficult than normal to get to the gym so I wanted to give you 3 workouts that you could do any time, anywhere, with no equipment needed at all.

There’s a Level 1 (beginner), Level 2 (moderate) and Level 3 (difficult) and you can do each one for either 5 or 10 minutes.

The videos are still available on the Lean Mums Facebook Page and I’ve also uploaded them to our Youtube channel with the links below if you want to continue to use them.

If you enjoyed these and are looking for more then you’ll see here on the website there is an enormous range of workouts where I take you through the entire warm up, workout and cool down.

You can sign up now for just £4.99 a month and there’s no contract so you can cancel anytime

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