Well what a week!

You might have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on social media this week in particular. On Friday I left the gym I’ve worked at for the last 7 years, having been involved in the business side of things too it’s been a busy and pretty stressful couple of months getting everything sorted.

No matter how busy and stressful things have got I’ve tried to keep working out and going for runs and it’s made a massive difference, more for my mind than my body.

Exercise is an amazing stress reliever and once you get those endorphins flowing it can do wonders for your mood and mental state.

I read something recently about The Rock and how he uses his training as his anchor. No matter how early he has to be up filming or whatever he’s doing he always finds time to make sure he can get his training in as he feels it anchors him and allows him to do what he needs to do. If it’s good enough for the rock…

I can totally relate to this and if you already exercise I’m sure you can too. The important thing is to continue to find space for it in your life even when things get crazy and you are massively struggling for time. In fact that’s the time where you need to more than ever.

Something as short as a 5-minute workout can be all you need. It’s exercise, it’s time for you to switch off and it’s also a chance to just throw yourself into something and let off some steam. This is exactly why the Lean Mums workouts are divided into 5, 10 and 15 minute options so you have that choice and can fit it in wherever suits.

You might think you don’t want to waste energy on exercise when you are already shattered but in fact it can give you an energy boost. The break from everything else for that short time might be all you need and it will allow you to go back to your daily tasks with more clarity. You can do a better job of being you by investing in yourself for that short time!

Here’s a few things you can do to help fit exercise into even the craziest of weeks:
1.Do it when the kids go to bed

Loads of our Lean Mums members choose evenings as their favoured time to do our workouts. Get the kids to bed and quickly get it done, then the rest of the evening is your own.

2.Make an errand into a workout

If there’s somewhere you need to be that’s walking or power walking distance you can leave the car behind and get some exercise instead. A good old brisk walk can be a great way of getting your heart rate up and getting your s*@t done too!

3.Get it in the diary

At the start of the week book your workouts in your diary or write them on the calendar. Rather than finding time to workout you book it in first to make sure it happens. You might need to get your partner or family to have the kids for that time or you can coincide it with a play date, whatever works.

Start from this week; make training your anchor and do whatever you can to make sure you find time for it somewhere.

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