You might have seen my social media rant about this during the week, but I just wanted to talk about this a little more.

What kicked off my rant was seeing a negative comment from someone on what was a really positive post about getting active and eating better.

The comment was criticising the healthy breakfast this person had chosen and for whatever reason it really wound me up.

This person is trying to make a positive change and yet she’s being told that it’s still not good enough, imagine how demotivating that must have felt!

But what was even more annoying was that the breakfast choice was absolutely good enough, and the reason it was is because it represented progress and a step in the right direction. That can never be a bad thing.

So often I see people get so caught up in worrying about what’s the best thing to do that they often end up doing nothing. The diets and exercise plans they read about seem so beyond them and intimidating that they decide not to bother at all.

Unfortunately the media is full of information about ‘The Perfect Workout’, ‘The Single Best Diet Plan’, but what does that even mean?

Perfect for who? Perfect for when? And for what goal?

What if the perfect diet plan requires you to eat meat but you are vegetarian? It’s certainly not perfect for you then!

Or what about if the perfect workout routine requires you to do squats but you get knee pain when you squat, it’s definitely not perfect for you either.

The ‘best’ or ‘perfect’ diet or workout doesn’t really exist!

What IS important is finding the right changes you can make for YOU at that particular moment in time.

On any given day it’s about making small changes that work for you and that you can easily do as part of your lifestyle. PROGRESS! The beauty of doing it slowly is that it’s not as intimidating or daunting and by making small changes you can allow them to become habits.

Small changes that become habits are the absolute key to making significant progress.

So for example from tomorrow you might decide that you are going to have vegetables with your evening meal every night and you are going to aim to walk to school rather than driving. These are two very achievable targets and once you can crack these and start to do them everyday you’ve got two very healthy habits in place.

JUST DO SOMETHING! Don’t worry if it’s perfect, just do what’s suitable for you and aim to make progress. I promise you that before you know it you’ll have be so far from where you started and be a much happier healthier you!

As I said in my social media post, that’s exactly why I created Lean Mums, I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to make health and fitness a part of your life and bring about that positive change. With Lean Mums you can pick a workout that suits how you are feeling on that day, and the same with the recipes, you can choose to have one healthy meal or a full day of healthy eating.

So ignore all the nonsense in the media and definitely ignore any negativity you see on social media and just aim to make progress everyday as best you can!

And if you post about it on social media make sure you tag me in so I can keep track of your progress!

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