These are 3 foods that I regularly recommend to clients and members of Lean Mums have had great success from using them. They aren’t magic, they don’t contain mystical fat burning qualities but what they will do is make your life easier, help you to stay on track and that is what leads to fat loss. There’s no such thing as magic fat burning foods, the key is just to get good habits in place and find a way of eating and exercising that suits you.

These 3 foods will hopefully help you to do that by making your life easier on a daily basis.

Egg whites

Eggs are a great source of protein but they also contain fat too in the yolks. Everyone needs fat in their diet as well as protein but whilst fat is important it does contain a lot of calories.

Often people start eating lots more eggs to increase their protein in take but in doing so take on lots of extra calories from fat too.

A way to get the protein benefits of eggs but without too much fat is to use egg whites. Egg whites just contain the whites of the eggs, which is just pure protein, no fat.

When I make an omelette I’ll use a couple of whole eggs to get the goodness from the yolks and then add a few tablespoons of egg whites to top up the protein.

You’ll find them on the fridge aisle next to milk and butter in most large supermarkets.

Frozen blueberries

Blueberries are absolutely packed full of goodness and can be added to loads of things like porridge, smoothies or eaten with yoghurt. But when buying them fresh they can be expensive.

Frozen blueberries are a great alternative. They are cheaper, you don’t have to worry about them going out of date and they are in the freezer for whenever you need them.

Frozen raspberries and frozen mixed berries are great too.

Snack a Jacks

I absolutely love these!!! Especially the chocolate chip ones, although the caramel ones are really nice too! I put a post on the Lean Mums Instagram page about them and I’ve had loads of people message to say they’ve tried them and love them.

They are an ideal alternative to chocolate or biscuits for the times you are craving something sweet.

But where as a chocolate digestive is around 86 calories, one of these snack a jacks is just 62 calories. Not only that but they are much bigger so you get more bites for your calories and don’t need to eat so many!

A couple of these with a cuppa would be around 130 calories, you’d likely have 2-3 digestives which would be between 170 and 260 calories, that’s a significant difference!

Give these 3 foods a try and let me know what you think?

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