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Way back in November I wrote the blog Can you drink alcohol and still get lean?
Check it out if you haven’t yet. Basically the answer was yes but alcohol contains calories and it’s about controlling how much you drink and how often.

Recently some of you have been asking about which are the best drinks to go for if you are still trying to be good. I’m a big believer that life is all about balance and that providing you do enough of the right things most of the time, a few drinks here and there doesn’t do any harm.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to any of you who are pregnant, and if you’re breastfeeding you need to be careful too.

But for those of you who aren’t, what should you go for if you fancy a tipple but don’t want to go way off track?

I’ve gone through all of the popular drinks and the main thing that stands out is that on their own these drinks aren’t actually very high in calories. The problem comes when you drink lots at one time and maybe combine it with a take away!

Go for diet mixers

A very simple way of keeping the calories down when drinking is to go for diet mixers. A single gin and tonic is around 110 calories whilst a gin and slim-line tonic is around 56 calories. This might not seem a big difference but if you were planning on a big night this would add up! Likewise a vodka and coke is 110 calories whereas a vodka and diet coke is just 56 calories.

Just a small glass please!

If wine is your weakness then simply picking a small glass over a large one will make a significant difference to your calories. A small glass of red wine is around 85 calories, a large one will be more like 120 calories. The same goes for white wine, a small dry white wine is around 92 calories whilst a large glass is around 120 calories.

A bit of fizz?

Prosecco isn’t actually a bad option at all, a glass is just 80 calories. But as it’s not the sort of drink you just have one glass of just be careful how many glasses you end up getting through. And you can now get skinny champagne and prosecco that contain even less calories!

Just a bottle for me

Finally if beer is your thing go for a bottle over a pint! Again this might sound obvious but a pint of fosters is 227 calories where as a bottle of Peroni is 139 calories.

It very much depends on the circumstance. If after a long day you fancy a drink then having a small glass of white or red isn’t going to do too much harm. If you’re eating a healthy balanced diet then 85-90 calories from wine will form a small a percentage of your overall calories, just don’t drink the whole bottle!

If you’re out for a big night out then go for spirits and choose diet mixers. You just don’t want to be doing this every week and following a big night out with a day of hungover eating. But again if this is only occasional too then just embrace it and get back on track the next day!

I hope that helps and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. And by all mans share this blog with anyone you think it might help.

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