post explaining 3 things everyone should do to get leaner with water, vegetables and dumbbells in shot

Getting leaner and more importantly staying leaner isn’t about magic tricks and special supplements. These 3 tips are sensible, realistic things that everyone CAN and SHOULD be doing.

1.Eat protein every meal

I usually find that people don’t eat enough protein. This can mean that they are over-eating on fats and carbs. As a general rule we should all be aiming to include some form of protein in every meal.

Amongst other things, protein is important to help our bodies repair themselves, whether that’s our muscles after exercise or things like our nails, skin and hair which are constantly growing.

Protein is also very filling and helps keep us feeling full and avoid snacking!

Examples of foods containing protein would be meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, protein powder etc.

So as you can see this doesn’t have to mean steak for breakfast, there’s loads of ways you can get protein into your meals. Eggs are a great choice for breakfast, but there’s loads of different yogurts you can buy now with added protein too, or even just mix up a smoothie and add a scoop of protein!

2.Drink more water

We know we should all be drinking more water but most of us still don’t drink enough. Obviously being properly hydrated is essential to our bodies working as they should.

Often when we are reaching for the sugary snacks, it’s not because we are hungry it’s because we are dehydrated!

A great little tip to help cut down on snacking is to drink a glass of water every time you fancy something. If you still feel hungry make yourself something to eat, if you don’t you were obviously just thirsty. This is also a great way of helping you drink more!

3.Eat more vegetables

Much like water, we all know we should eat more vegetables but they are so easy to leave out!

There’s tonnes of reasons why we should be eating more vegetables. The main one being the fiber and nutrients they contain which help to keep us healthy!

Also vegetables are low calorie foods, you can stack them on your plate and make yourself feel like you are eating loads when in fact you aren’t.

Another great reason is that eating vegetables with every meal will help stop you over-eating on higher calorie foods like carbohydrates. Say you are having sausage and mash for example, including some broccoli or peas will mean you can have less mash.

As you can, see what all of these tips have in common is they will help manage how much you eat.

If you look at your existing diet then add in more protein, more veg and drink enough water you’ll be hard pushed to get through all that and the other stuff you usually eat. By eating more protein and veg it’ll help reduce how many carbs you are eating, and possibly fat too. Which is then reducing your overall calorie intake = fat loss!

Make these 3 tips staples of your daily nutrition and I guarantee you’ll look and feel better!

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