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I asked one of our amazing members for some background on how she came to be a Lean Mums member and her journey so far.

I was absolutely blown away when I read this and had a massive lump in my throat.

It’s an amazingly honest account of the last few years and so it’s inspiring to hear of where Emma has got to now, and she isn’t finished!

Emma also covers a lot of the feelings and concerns I know a lot of you share towards health and fitness and even Lean Mums, hopefully you’ll find what she says useful.

And as always please feel free to share this blog if you think it will be useful for someone else too.


Emma’s Journey

I’ve never been “the fat one” I’ve never been super slim but NEVER the fat one. I went through a phase (my “midlife crisis”) when I was 29 where I LIVED at the gym and lived on diet cola for like, a year. Super skinny, super quick, SUPER unhealthy!!

I was always able to eat pretty much what I wanted, I’ve never been healthy and the thought of eating ANYTHING healthy seemed to me, like a waste of life! The weight crept back on but I was never conscious of it and I was happy in my own skin.

The most I worked out was in the run up to my wedding in 2012 where I basically, stopped eating chocolate completely, took up drinking Diet Coke instead of snacks, and occasionally meals, and did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.

After my wedding my weight increased slowly but steadily… “You’re married, you don’t need to worry about how you look now” I heard it but it didn’t really sit well with me.

2013 was a tough year for us, we had 3 miscarriages which devastated us and I ate exactly what I wanted, when I wanted because, eventually I was going to be pregnant and get fat anyway…long story short I DID get pregnant AND managed to get myself an actual baby out of it! I also managed to acquire quite a few stone in weight in with the deal too!

As soon I had Grace an overwhelming sense of anxiety and, what I now know to be, postnatal depression washed over me. I was actually diagnosed with PND when Gray was 19 months old, I’m not going to bore you with the details but much of Grays first year is a bit of a blur really I was just trying to keep my head above water, it’s very draining pretending to be OK!! My weight rocketed!

Ok so Gray is 2 years old now and I’m the fattest I’ve been in my life!! My sister is a personal trainer and she would always tell me she was “there if I needed any guidance or advice on changing my habits”. “Change my eating habits?!? Are you kidding me?!?! I’ve JUST had a baby (2 years ago)!! I’m not eating salads! I hate them and anyway healthy food doesn’t fill me up!!” Were just a few of my comments.

She mentioned her colleague at work was thinking of starting a web based exercise/recipe/forum-y thing up for new and expecting mums and she thought I should join the mailing list to find out more. A MAN telling me, a new mother (of 2 years) what I should be doing?! I bet he was going to start by telling us to only eat lettuce and exercise for 4 hours a day needing a full mini gym worth of equipment in your home just to get through one workout?!

How wrong was I?

I received a few emails just outlining what lean mums was about, I’ll be honest I didn’t read them, didn’t want to. I’m happy being fat, happy eating what I want, happy when I have to stop dancing with my daughter around the living room after 30 seconds because I’m so out of breath!!

You get the picture

I got a message off my sister saying Lean Mums is going live and I should sign up. Again, I do so so she thinks I’ve made an effort.

“It’s just not for me, it’s for those yummy mummy’s who have nannies and access to the gym room of their apartment block”!

I literally could not have been more wrong!!

From the VERY first video I tried…(level 1, 10 mins HIIT ladder) where, in the description it tells you You’ll need a chair or sofa and if you wish two light dumbbells, bottles of water or tins of beans.

Ok! I can do this!!

I mean it KILLED me but, I’m alive, I survived it AND, for the first time in a LONG time I feel good! Good about EVERYTHING!!! I CAN do this! I WILL do this!! Every day I choose a different video, you know, to mix it up a bit, and every day I do it!!

Don’t get me wrong, Gray has recently had tonsillitis closely followed by a tummy bug so, my priority on those days was sleep oh, and cashew nuts! I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day, sometimes I literally just can’t even! Does it phase me? No!

I’m in this for the long game!!!

I’ve been on this journey since 10th January and slow and steady is DEFINITELY winning the race! I’m no super model but life is GOOD! I can dance with my daughter for WAY longer than 30 seconds, run when she tells me to run with her and I genuinely do have so much more energy!!

My diet is so different AND I never thought I’d turn my nose up at a meal if it didn’t have spinach and/or avocado on!!! I still snack, just not on chocolate and crisps (well not all the time 😁).

Lean mums has changed my life!!

If you’re thinking about joining DO IT! I literally cannot talk about it enough!

Thank you Robbie, thank you Lean Mums!

Thank you!!! ❤

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