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Snacking can be a great option when you need to grab something on the go to tide you over until your next meal.

It can also be healthy, in case you missed it check out my blog 15 simple healthy snack ideas for mums

But what about when the snacks aren’t healthy, and you can’t keep your hand out of the cookie jar?

If you find yourself piling through the digestives, or polishing off bags of crisps like no one’s business, then here are 3 tips for you:
1.Eat larger meals

There’s a few things you might need to look at here. Firstly you might not be eating any meals at all, skipping breakfast, lunch and just grabbing whatever for dinner. If this is the case try eating a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner. See is this helps.

If you are eating 3 meals already and still snacking loads then maybe you just aren’t eating enough at those meals. Try adding more protein that will help keep you full. Also more vegetables which contain very few calories but make you feel like you are eating more.

2.Don’t say never, just not now

This is a strategy I’ve used with my clients and it works really well. If you are craving chocolate or whatever, rather than saying you aren’t going to have it, say you’ll save it for later.

This works so well for a few reasons. Rather than scoffing it on the go and feeling guilty you can look forward to eating it later on and enjoying it. If you have a day of eating really good balanced meals then a few bits of chocolate now and then are fine, so you don’t need to feel guilty. Also you might find that when it comes to it you don’t actually want it anymore.


I know this is an obvious one but it’s true. When sweets, chocolate and crisps are in our cupboards and you are seeing them every time you go in the kitchen you’ll be far more likely to eat them. Don’t buy them and I doubt you’ll bother to go to the shops specifically for them!

Obviously you might buy them for your children but perhaps just don’t buy as many, just buy enough for them that week?

This is a tough time of year, there’s that post Christmas slump and you’ve often still got a load of treats and junk food left over from Christmas. I’ve found myself eating things that I never normally would because they are there and because I need a quick energy boost.

The problem is the initial boost of energy you get from eating something sweet is quickly followed by an energy drop and you need to eat something sweet again and again and again.

Give these 3 tips a try. Eat larger meals, stop buying crappy treats and snacks, and if you do fancy something, say you’ll have it later.

Your waistline will thank you and you’ll feel loads better trust me!

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