Some of you might not know that I was responsible for transforming Vicky for the DVD we presented together, 7 Day Slim.

There were 3 Key Strategies that helped Vicky lose so much weight and look so amazing in the DVD:

1. Routine with her training
2. Good habits with her diet
3. Factoring in social events

Now these might seem too simple, but that doesn’t mean they are any less effective. These exact same strategies can work for you too.

1. Routine with her training

For anything to work it needs to fit into your life. That’s why it’s important to find a way of training that suits you.

For Vicky this meant getting into a routine of always training at roughly the same time so her other commitments could be factored in too.

It also meant that she could get into the routine of when to eat around sessions to make sure she had enough energy to train and also ate well enough afterwards to recover for the next workout.

2. Good habits with her diet

Whenever any of us get out of shape it’s usually because our diets are lacking structure and we’re eating too much of the wrong stuff. Vicky was no different.

We simply put good habits in place; always eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, having protein with every meal, vegetables/ salad with lunch and dinner, and trying to snack more healthy.

When you do this as well as the first point, getting into a routine with your training, you really start to see a significant difference.

3. Factoring in social events

The biggest obstacle when you are starting to make progress with your training and diet is when social events come along. You just start to get somewhere then you have a big night out, you’re hung-over the next day and you never quite get back on track.

Vicky had events to attend on a weekly, often nightly basis through work so it was crucial that we found a way to stop them ruining her progress.

What we found worked really well was planning ahead. Which were the big nights? Which were the ones where she could just drink water? If there was going to be a big night what were we going to do the next day to get back on track?

You can do exactly the same to ensure you can enjoy yourself but also avoid getting thrown way off track.

Social events are going to happen, that’s life and what’s the point in doing all this training if you can’t enjoy yourself. The key is to find a way to balance both.

As you can see it’s not super complicated, these are all things that I encourage through Lean Mums.

If it worked for Vicky it can work for you too!

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