Image of a calendar with 12 days crossed off in red

As it’s January I know a lot of you are just getting started again with healthy eating and exercise. Getting started is always said to be the hard part. But keeping it going can often be just as difficult.

I want to introduce you to a really simple technique that I use with my clients and I want us to use too that will help to keep you on track.

It’s called ‘The Chain Method’ and all I want you to do is mark a big red X on your calendar for every day that you do something positive for your health and fitness (it doesn’t have to be red, I just think it looks better). It could be a healthy meal, doing a workout, going or a walk. Anything that will benefit your health and make you feel better.

The idea is that you begin to form a chain with your Xs. Once you’ve started that chain you need to try to keep it going and avoid breaking it. Not only that but I want you to begin to enjoy how much better you feel from doing something positive each day. You’ll want to make it a habit.

It’s an idea I read was used by comedian Jerry Seinfeld when he was trying to write comedy. He would aim to write everyday and keep his X chain going as long as he could. If it worked for him, it can work for us!

So let’s get it started, if you’re posting on social media about your workouts, healthy meals or whatever just use the hashtag #LeanMumsChain and we can see how we are all doing with our chains.

Lets grow that chain!

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