Here are a few of my top tips for an enjoyable festive period that helps you avoid feeling like a stuffed turkey come January!

Pick and choose when you indulge

Not every single meal or snack over the festive period needs to be indulgent (except Christmas Day!) Try to pick and choose when you let loose and at other times try to keep some normality. You might try to have a relatively normal breakfast and lunch on days where you are having a big meal on an evening. Th same if you are out for a big lunch. Go for a lighter breakfast and dinner.

If you’re having a boozy meal, go for lower fat meal options

Alcohol contains a lot of calories as we know, if you combine a boozy meal with lots of calories from food too you are consuming a lot of additional calories. A simple way to avoid this is to go for lower fat food options. (You could alternatively go for lower carb food options but the carbs can be helpful to absorb the alcohol!)

So what do I meal by lower fat options, perhaps going for a chicken burger rather than a beef burger, having chicken breast instead of steak, choosing white fish over salmon or mackerel.

Keep exercising

It might be Christmas but that doesn’t mean we have to become complete layabouts. Even just getting out for a few walks will make a huge difference. Not only is it a bit of time away from the box of celebrations but also the fresh air and exercise will do you the world of good.

Fibre is your friend

The reason we all often feel so bloated after holidays or Christmas is because usually we gorge on meat, carbs and fatty foods and the veg goes out the window.

Try to keep some form of veg in your diet or if you’re struggling try a smoothie. (Throw some green veg in a blender with some blueberries and it doesn’t taste too bad at all!). As well as keeping the fibre and goodness in your diet it can help you feel a little more full and stop you going quite so crazy on the chocolate!

These tips are intended to help you enjoy the festive period, life is for living! But there’s no need to feel like rubbish come the end of it. Follow these tips, enjoy yourself and you’ll be fine!


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