Most us exercise because we want to change the way our bodies look. But it’s important that we don’t overlook a whole host of other benefits too.

Exercise is absolutely brilliant for our mood, energy levels, self-confidence, life balance and much much more. It can play a really important role in creating some positivity in your life. Something you do for yourself that makes you feel better and gives a sense of accomplishment. This is something I want all of you Lean Mums to benefit from.

You must have experienced that buzz after a really good workout?

 That rush of endorphins that makes it all worthwhile! Just a short workout can help you feel this way. It’s also rewarding to know that you could easily have skipped that workout but you’ve got it done! That positivity can snowball and have a positive impact on other aspects of your life.

I also love the idea that exercising gives you some time to yourself.

You spend so much life with your children, or thinking about them, exercise can be a time that is just for you. Some people might feel guilty about that but it’s really important and very natural. You are the same person you were before you had your child. It’s just now you have someone else to think about. But you are still allowed to do things that you enjoy that are just for you.

You see videos online of parents exercising with their babies, holding them whilst doing squats etc. It’s a great idea and I can see the logic. They want to be active, they have their baby in their arms most of the time, and it’s a way of doing what they can. However I think it’s important to make exercising a time that’s just for you where possible.

Exercising can energise you, rather than exhaust you.

Its true! There might be days where you feel absolutely exhausted and grabbing a nap when you get 10 minutes to yourself is what you need. But there are other times where you feel sluggish and tired but a short workout will pick you up. Getting your body moving, gently increasing your heart rate, and doing something positive will give you a huge boost.

Remember exercise doesn’t always have to be about killing yourself with brutal workouts.

That’s part of the reason for the different levels of workouts that are going to be on the Lean Mums website, sometimes a light 5 minute workout, or gentle walk is all you need.

I find myself saying this a lot to my Mum clients, “something is better than nothing”, but it’s true. Try your best to stay active and just do some form of exercise, look at all these potential benefits!

And don’t forget, something is better than nothing!

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