Have you ever noticed that by the end of the day it’s much harder to resist the ice cream or wine?

Well there’s a reason for that!

We don’t have an unlimited amount of willpower, the more we use it the less we have to use. So that’s why so often people crack on an evening and find they are reaching for the treats. It’s because they’ve spent all day resisting things and using up their will power, and often it just runs out.

The good news is that despite this we can still help you stay on track!

What I recommend, and it might seem obvious, is to remove the temptation. It’s much more difficult to eat ice cream if you don’t have any in the freezer. Of course you could still get in the car and drive to the shops but you’ve got to really want ice cream to do that! For most people it’s the fact that it’s there in the freezer, calling out to them that is the problem.

So don’t buy it, and the same goes for other treats. Don’t have a treat cupboard as you’ll find yourself drawn to it. If your children want sweets just buy enough for them, or even better buy them when you are out and about, don’t have a supply stored at home. If wine is your vice and you know you’ll want to drink it, don’t buy it. Save it for occasions where you can enjoy it.

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