Weight loss is as simple as eating fewer calories than your body needs. Easy!

So why do so many people struggle to lose weight successfully?

The answer is that most people go from one extreme to the other. They go from eating way too much food to eating far too little.

They feel lethargic and hungry all the time. Lose muscle rather than fat and give up. Binging on all the foods they’ve been craving. Often ending up bigger than they were before!

The key is to eat less calories than your body needs but still give yourself enough fuel to do everything you busy mums need to do everyday!

Think of it in terms of that overgrown hedge in your garden. You’re giving it a trim rather than cutting it down completely. Most people only need to trim their calories rather than starving themselves.

So how do you do that?

Take a look at your diet and see if there are any unnecessary calories you are eating. Maybe you’re eating way too many snacks and high calorie drinks, or you’re having 3 sugars in your tea and could reduce that. You might be bad at picking while you’re cooking dinner. All of these things add up!

Focus on eating 3 balanced meals a day. Each meal should ideally contain some form of protein (meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt etc).

By eating more of the good stuff you’ll feel more full between meals and be less likely to pick and snack. Combine this with drinking more water and doing a little exercise and you’re onto a winner!

Dieting in this way is far more sensible and sustainable. In my view a diet is only successful if it’s sustainable. What’s the point in looking great if you can’t stay that way!

The recipes on the Lean Mums website include a balance of nutritious ingredients and also provide you with guidance on quantities. To make sure you are getting both the quality and quantity right.

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