potatoes on a table with no carbs after 6pm written over the top

This seems like the perfect time to write this post as some of you will be wondering whether or not you can eat carbs for dinner.

The answer is yes! The myth that eating carbs after 6 will make you fat is exactly that, a myth.

By restricting carbs on an evening all you are actually doing is reducing your intake of food. So yes for some it can work as a method of losing weight. Reduce daily intake and therefore lose weight.

However what if you like eating carbs on an evening? What if you enjoy having a larger evening meal that contains carbs. Well in that case eat them. I often recommend that my clients reduce the amount of carbs they eat at breakfast and lunch and then enjoy them at dinner as that is when they crave them the most.

Not only that but for many the evening is a time when they’ll pick at food and snack. Having a larger evening meal containing carbs can help prevent that.

Another benefit of eating carbs on an evening is that in can help people feel more relaxed and therefore sleep better.

Rather than thinking about the timings of specific foods think about how much you are eating over the course of a day. I’ll do another post on this topic and how your food intake over 24hours can influence you losing weight.

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