I’m listening to an audiobook at the moment called Deep Work by Cal Newport. It’s all about how to get the deep focus required to accomplish tasks in an increasingly distracted world. I’ve found there’s plenty of lessons to be learnt whether you are looking for deep focus or not.

Something he talks about is distraction addiction and how we have all become addicted to our phones. If we are in a queue in a shop or having our lunch, so many of us are reaching for our phones for that distraction hit. It becomes a habit.

What’s the harm in that you might say?

Well what it can mean is that we end up constantly distracted. Whether we are trying to work or trying to relax. Our minds will be thinking about the next distraction hit and urging us to check our phones. You end up in this middle ground the whole time. Kind of on standby.

Something that plays on my mind with this is that I’m missing out on quality time with family and friends by pointlessly checking my phone every two seconds. I don’t want to look back on that time and realise it passed me by.

If this is something that concerns you too, a great tip Newport gives is to actually schedule time when you will mindlessly ‘surf the net’. Perhaps every few hours, once an hour, or every 30 minutes, give yourself 5 minutes or so where you can do that. But the rest of the time you must stay off it, be strong! Live in the moment as they say!

He has found this to be a far more effective alternative to trying to go cold turkey and ditch the phone entirely. Which is obviously completely unrealistic.

A bit different to the usual health and fitness posts but I think mental health is hugely important too. Healthy mind, healthy body!

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