When you survive on minimal sleep the last thing you want to do is waste what sleep you do get! But it’s not always as easy as just switching out the lights and nodding off, your brain can be going a thousand miles an hour and there’s nothing more annoying than not being able to get to sleep!

Here are some tips to help you wind down and improve the quality of your sleep:

1. Swap the iPhone for a book before bed

We are all guilty of staring at our phones or watching something on the iPad before we got to sleep. Not only is this stimulating our brains at a time where we should be winding down, but also the blue light that they give off suppresses melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that helps regulate our circadian rhythm and tells us when its time to go to sleep.

Get off your phone, dim the lights and read a book instead for a nice restful sleep. (If you have to look at your phone, iPhones now have a nightmode that reduces the emission of blue light.)

2. Read a boring book!

Seriously! If it’s too good, you’ll not be able to put it down, go for something dull and after a few pages you’ll be nodding off!

3. Get your phone away from your bed

Most of us charge our phones next to our beds. The problem with this is it’s too easy to glance over and check it if you are up through the night. Having a quick flick through Facebook or checking your emails will kick your brain into gear and make it harder for you to get back to sleep. If you need your phone as an alarm, go old school and buy an alarm clock instead.

4. No caffeine after 4pm

Ditch all tea, coffee and green tea after 4pm. Depending on your caffeine tolerance you can be feeling the effects of that caffeine well into the evening and this can disrupt you from going to sleep. Instead go for decaf alternatives and as it gets closer to bedtime drink camomile tea to relax you.

5. Keep a pad and pen by your bed

So often you lie down to go to sleep and remember all the things you need to do. Keep a pad and pen by your bed and write them all down. Think of it as emptying your brain of everything and also setting a to-do list for the next day. You’ll find it’s then much easier to switch off and get off to sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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